In this article, we will explain some generic behavior about WordPress which might assist you in setting up your new site.

This guide assumes that you have already set up a new site, but are not sure how to handle your domain names. If you wish to learn how to create a new application, please make sure to give this article a read.

First of all, please ensure that you have the DNS records set up correctly at your DNS provider. By this we mean that generally, you should have already added 2 records:

  1. one A record for the root domain which points to the IP of the Virtual Machine (ex. A: ->

  2. one CNANE record for www that points to your root domain (ex. CNAME: www ->

This will ensure that you have the basic two records that would be required for your new domain and that they are pointing to the correct IP (the IP of the Virtual Machine).

Second of all, test that you set it up correctly please use Google's DNS checker tool. If you use CloudFlare and you proxy the domain, you will see the IPs of CloudFlare, so this is the only exception.

Once you are happy with the DNS setup please proceed to alter the Domain settings in Bunnyshell. In Applications -> <select application> -> Domains please make sure that:

  1. you set the Primary Domain to your root domain: in my case

  2. you set the Secondary Domain to:

  3. you select Save

Please keep in mind that WordPress supports only one base URL, therefore, even when you type you will be redirected to

Lastly, if you are not using the CloudFlare Proxy option, you will want to generate certificates for your domain. This is done in the Certificates tab, and there you just enter the exact same information as you entered in the Domains tab.

Once you filled in the information select Install Certificate.


We used a WordPress installation in this example, but the exact same logic applies to any other application you might want to set up on Bunnyshell.

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