General understanding of how tickets will be raised and handled by our team

The channels used to communicate issues/inquiries to Bunnyshell are represented below, as well as the platform used and who will respond to these, as well as explaining whether are covered or not by SLA.

Basic Support

Users with Basic Support can communicate through the following channels:

  • Platform chat → this will work through real-time conversations in our support platform (Intercom).

  • e-mail ([email protected]) → these emails will create conversations in our ticketing platform (Zendesk).

Bunnyshell uses Intercom as a platform dedicated to real-time support. Issues that need further investigation or substantial work to be done will be escalated in our ticketing system, ZenDesk.

After creating the ticket in ZenDesk, the open chat from Intercom will be closed, and communication will continue via e-mail, or in ZenDesk tickets.

Note: For all basic support users, tickets are only handled during business hours. If you wish to upgrade your subscription for 24/7 uptime support, please reach out to us and we will put you in contact with our sales team.

Premium Support

Users with Premium Support can communicate through the channels for Basic Support, as well as through:

  • Slack:

    • conversations can be carried out, questions answered and things clarified.

    • tickets can be created by reacting with 🎫 to a message

  • e-mail:

    • directly with the Project Team (for migrations and services), always with the Project Manager cc’ed

    • using the same email support as previously suggested.

Note: Normally, tickets are only handled during business hours, but if a situation is critical, an on-call Support Engineer will handle your case.
For critical issues, the word “critical” (case-insensitive) must be included in the subject of the email. The same applies to Slack messages.
Uptime alerts will also create tickets in ZenDesk automatically, through UptimeRobot.

Working with the Support team through Chat, Real-time

When reaching out to our real-time support, via chat, there are few things to be kept in mind:

The first thing you will encounter when opening a conversation is our answering bot, which will offer you several possible scenarios, that can be encountered when using our platform.

Based on this, our support team will be able to understand the issue and save time when dealing with an urgent situation. Is it crucial that you offer us all the details, so we can start working on your case properly.

After opening the conversation, based on the gravity of the issue, either a Level 1 or Level 2 team member will be taking your conversation.

Working with the Support team through Tickets

Having an account within the Customer Portal

An account is not needed to open a ticket, thus you can create one even after submitting tickets. All tickets opened by the respective email address will be assigned to the account created.

You can create an account by using:

  • using plain old email/password authentication

  • with Google

  • with Facebook

  • with Microsoft

How to create a support ticket:

  1. Via email

    Upon opening a ticket in ZenDesk by sending an email to [email protected], you will receive a confirmation, also via email.

  2. Via the Customer Portal (

    After logging in, you have a link in the top bar, from which you can open a new support ticket.

And filling in the needed info:

After submitting the request, you will receive an email, just as in the case in which you opened the ticket via email, by sending it to [email protected].

How to check the status of a ticket

By clicking the link mentioned in the email, you will be redirected towards the customer portal, where you can communicate further with our support team, by adding to the conversation.

Note: Communication via email is also possible, by replying to the received email.

Seeing all tickets opened by you

By clicking on the profile menu, and then selecting “My activities”, you will be able to see all your tickets.

In a typical listing, where you are able to filter, search and sort the issues.

How will I know if my ticket was answered?

As soon as a support team member replies, you will be automatically notified via email, so remember to check your Inbox/Spam folder to check on the progress of your request.

Additionally, you can also log into the portal and check if any reply was sent out from there.

When should I expect my issue to be solved?

In order to have a time-frame for your issue, please consult the table below.

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