In order to add a static/custom html website using Bunnyshell please take the following actions:

  1. Create a custom PHP application on your server. Generally this option is only available if you are using Apache or Nginx as your webserver.

  2. Use the SFTP credentials from the Application page to put add files in the application directory. If you store these files on GIT please read the section below.

  3. Alter your Apache/Nginx configuration in order to read .html index files (or .htm if you are using that extension)

# In Apache add the DirectoryIndex directive in the directory block
<Directory /var/www/wordpressx9384/app>
DirectoryIndex index.html

# In Nginx you alter the index line
index index.html;

I already have OpenLiteSpeed installed on the virtual machine

You can create a new phpMyAdmin application instead which will serve the same purpose.

My files are on GIT

By using a custom PHP application you can add your files automatically from GIT as well. Obviously, you must first connect your GIT account to Bunnyshell.

Once you have created your custom PHP application:

  1. Navigate to the new custom PHP application and select Deployment -> Overview

  2. Select Enable Deployments

  3. Make your Git repository selection from the list and then Save Changes

  4. Select Deployment -> Overview again

  5. Ensure that the correct deploy pointer is set and the select Deploy

My application uses a database

By using these steps you are provided with a new database and a set of credentials which are found in the Application menu. At this stage you can just configure your application to use the credentials and you can reastore your database on the server.

If you are not sure how to do it manually, install Adminer or phpMyAdmin on the same webserver to manage this step.

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