This guide assumes you know how to get to this stage. If you don't, you can learn more on how to connect a cloud to Bunnyshell.


  • Turn on API connections in UpCloud before adding it in Bunnyshell

  1. Login to UpCloud.

  2. Select My Account -> User Accounts.

  3. Select Change on the target user.

  4. Check the box for API connections: Allow API connections from...

  5. If you wish to restrict it to our Bunnyshell IP please use:


If you wish to connect your Upcloud account to the Bunnyshell platform, you will need to click on the connect button. After doing so you will redirected to the page where your credentials will be required.

These credentials are the same ones as the ones you use to connect to your Upcloud account (your Upcloud username and password).

After inserting the requested information, simply click on Connect.

You will be notified that the cloud account was successfully linked by a pop-up.

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