This article explains how to install Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate on your application.

Before you proceed with these steps, you should first add the domain name to your application.

As we support Let’s Encrypt’s initiative, we decided to make it as easy as possible for you to install and renew the free Let’s Encrypt Certificate for all your web applications. Please note that this utility is included in all the server plans.

Reasons why we decided to choose Let’s Encrypt SSL:

  • Ease of usage - It is extremely easy and simple to install. In order to have access to this you do not need to create an account or pay any fees.

  • Zero Costs - As mentioned before, Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate is free.

  • Safety - We were convinced by this products because of its modern security architecture and techniques, which makes it as secure as a paid certificate

  • Automated - Because we do not want to take up a lot of your time, we decided Let's Encrypt is perfect because the process of generating, installing and renewing the certificates is done automatically.

How to Install Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate

Deploying Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate via Bunnyshell platform is really easy and fast and this guide will comprehensively cover the procedure.

It is important to mention that if you already have an SSL certificate configured on your website, installing another one will overwrite the existing, as one application can only have one certificate.


  • Your website should be live. This means that you have created a DNS record and the domain is mapped correctly, with your DNS records pointing correctly.

Let’s Encrypt SSL — Navigate to certificates settings

  1. From the side bar click on Certificates.

  2. If you have no certificates, you will have to press on "Generate free certificate".

3. When clicked, you will be redirected to Add Let’s Encrypt certificate page.

4. You will have to add the Certificate name and Domain / Wildcard Domain.

5. Press on "Generate certificate".

If it will be generated, the certificate will be displayed in the certificates list and "Verify your domain" popup will appear.

Verify your domain

To complete the certificate installation, you need to add a DNS record on the specified domain.

Take into consideration that a DNS change requires a few hours to propagate worldwide.

You will see next to your certificate the "Verify" button.

A success flash message will be displayed: Certificate added successfully. certificate_name has been successfully added.

How to delete Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate

  1. From the side bar click on Certificates.

  2. Choose the certificate you want to remove, and press on "delete".

3. A confirmation pop-up will be displayed:

This action will delete the certificate. Are you sure you want to delete this certificate?

4. If you select delete, the message "certificate_name certificate has been successfully deleted from your Bunnyshell account." will be displayed and the certificate will be removed.

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