This guide assumes you know how to get to this stage. If you don't, you can learn more by following the steps described in how to connect a cloud to Bunnyshell.


Create a specific user that can access your Amazon AWS account.

  1. Login to AWS Console & Search: IAM

2. Go to Users

3. Follow the “Create user” Wizard:

a. Choose a “User name” & Select “Programmatic access”

b. Attach existing policies directly & Select AdministratorAccess

c. Use tags (if needed). Bunnyshell doesn’t require them.

d. Review and Create

4. Copy “access key id” & “secret access key” (please be aware that the secret access key will not be available after you’ll close this window so keep it in a safe location)

Connect an AWS account

If you wish to connect your AWS account to the Bunnyshell platform, you will need to click on the connect button. After doing so you will redirected to the page where an access key ID will be asked from your side.

After inserting the token, simply click on Connect.

You will be notified that the cloud account was successfully linked by this pop-up.

Once a Digital Ocean account has been connected, the "Disconnect" button will replace the "Connect" one, as seen below.

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