Learn more about what cloud providers we have integrated in our platform. If you want to know more on how to import an existing server from any VPS in Bunnsyhell check this guide.

After setting up your account, if you have a cloud account that you wish to connect to your Bunnyshell account, we offer a few integrations that we think you might find helpful. We support integration with DigitalOcean, AWS, Azure, Vultr Linode, UpCloud and Hetzner.

In order to be able to connect your account to a cloud provider, from the side bar menu, click on Integrations.

Once in the Integrations page, you will land automatically in the Cloud providers tab:

In order to connect to a specific cloud provider, you will need to click on Connect, belonging to that cloud.

If you connection was successful, a pop-up will appear informing you that the a connection was made:

Once an account has been connected, the message will change and the "Disconnect" button will appear.

If you click on disconnect, as a safety feature, a confirmation pop-up will appear, where you will have to confirm that you want to disconnect your bunnyshell account from a cloud provider account.

After you have confirmed on the above pop-up that you do, indeed, wish yo disconnect an account, a notification pop-up will appear informing you of this:

Now, in order to complete your login process, choose the cloud provider you have an account with from the list below:

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