As an organization owner you can invite new members to a team or remove existing members. There is no limit to the number of members an organization can have.

To manage the membership of a team, click on Settings and then go to the Users tab.

The team page lists the organization's current membership:

From here, the owner can add an user, revoke an invitation or remove a team member, based on whether the invitation is pending or accepted.

I. Add users

Invite a new user into your organization by adding the user email address.

  1. Press on "Add user";

  2. A pop-up window will appear where you can add the email address;

3. Click on "Send invitation;

a. If the email address is not correct, you will receive an error message;

b. If an email address has already been used to create an account or is already part of an organization, a message will appear: "This user has already been invited.";

c. When and if you reach the users limit, this pop-up window will be visible.

II. Remove users

  1. Press on the "Remove" button in order to remove a user.

2. The user will be removed.

III. Revoke invitation

1. Press on the "Revoke" button in order to remove a user.

2. The invitation will be revoked.

IV. Notifications

By default, the notifications setting is turned OFF. If you wish for a particular user to be notified, just toggle the ON button belonging to that user. This will ensure that your team members will only receive relevant notifications for them.

Keep in mind that this setting will notify an user of all the organization's actions.

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