About Enhanced Monitoring

We realized early on that in order for our platform to be a single hub for infrastructure management, a crucial component is required: a way to easily visualize critical information in a graphical manner from multiple infrastructure components. This would enable our users to have an overview of their critical operations and help in better decision making and performance optimization.

Such a system would also be able to offer an easy way to share information with team members so that real-time data gets the real-time attention required for real-time processing. As such, we decided on the implementation of an Advanced Monitoring feature using Grafana for metric visualization and InfluxDB for times series data.

Advanced monitoring in Bunnyshell

We provide a managed Grafana + InfluxDB system that can be deployed on the cloud provider of your choice, with the possibility of choosing a preferred instance type and location as well as the option to chose an independent storage volume (instead of the default instance storage) which enables the option to scale the storage without changing the instance type.

How it works

Our agent gathers data from all infrastructure nodes by automatically detecting installed packages and getting their specific metrics which are then sent to InfluxDB for storage. The data is used to automatically generate Grafana dashboards which will be accessible via an automatically-generated service URL available on the Bunnyshell Advanced Monitoring page.

The Advanced Monitoring Instance itself can be further managed by whitelisting IP addresses, enabling Uptime protection (preventing the instance from accidental power-off or deletion), dedicated resource monitoring, and the possibility to view relevant logs in the interface.

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