1. Are all installed apps automatically patched or do i have to choose "Apply all patch"?
    You can enable automatically patch management for a virtual machine and all apps hosted there will benefit from that patch updates. You can also manually apply patches.

  2. How are the packages handled, are they updated/managed or not?
    The smaller packages have an auto-update feature, yes.

  3. I know apt packages aren't updated, but what about your "supported" packages?
    Just like in the case of the above question, you can only auto update smaller packages. If your package is added through Bunnyshell you will be able to update it via Bunnyshell.

  4. So in case there is a vulnerability in a package added via bunnyshell, this isn't patched until we choose to upgrade it?
    The main reason why the packages are not auto updated is because we want to make sure that the apps won't crush overnight, but rather updates by done under your supervision and in the event of a crush you can always reach out to us.
    We have the option of Patch management - which is for apps installed by Bunnyshell which you can find in Virtual Machines -> Your Virtual Machine -> Security -> Patch management. This is the update system for applications installed in terms of OS.

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