1. What does the company name mean?
    It’s a combination between a bunny and a command-line shell.

  2. What do we do specifically?
    Bunnyshell is a cloud management and acceleration platform.

  3. What server OS upgrades and patches do we offer?
    We have the option of Patch management - which is for apps installed by Bunnyshell. You can find it in Virtual Machines -> Your Virtual Machine -> Security -> Patch management. This is the update system for applications installed in terms of OS.
    It is important to note that we do not offer OS upgrades from the interface.

  4. What do we have to offer in terms of security?
    We offer firewall (all ports off by default - web applications have opened only 80 and 443), security scanning (ClamAV, Rkhunter, Chkrootkit, Lynis), and jails configuration.
    Firewall rules and Security Scanning can be found by following the path: Virtual Machine -> Your desired VM -> Security.
    Configure Jails (Fail2Ban) can also be found by clicking on VM page -> Security -> Configure Jails.
    If you wish to learn more about firewall rules, please head here.

  5. What do you use to communicate with the Bunnyshell agent?
    The agent uses server sockets to communicate with the Bunnyshell server.

  6. Can you run other cloud providers than the ones listed on our platform?
    Yes, you can always import your server, no matter the cloud provider it sits on. You can do that by following the steps here.
    Note: Your server has to run on Ubuntu 16, Ubuntu 18, and Ubuntu 20.

  7. Do we manage our client's server? Do we support server maintenance? And how about on an application level?
    The servers are being created on your own cloud, but they will appear in your Bunnyshell account. We do not perform any server maintenance, as this is all related to your cloud. Regarding your applications, as long as they are created via Bunnyshell, we do support and help you with them, providing this is within our area of expertise.

  8. How is the support working in our company and are there any limits?
    Our support is limited to all Bunnyshell platform-related issues, we try to help our customers as much as possible, so please feel free to just reach out whenever you encounter an issue and we will do our best to solve it.

  9. What does "Proactive monitoring"?
    Proactive monitoring is done by using an internal monitoring tool, based on which we can spot any malfunction or bugs of the platform and try to fix it before it produces greater impact, or before the clients even notices.

  10. What does "Critical Issues" mean?
    A server/application/service is down.

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