Bunnyshell offers Continuous Integration functionality by using WebHooks. As such, a deployment is automatically triggered when a git push action is performed. To enable this for a Wordpress application, follow the steps below:

  1. Connect a GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket repository from your organization settings (top left, under the Bunnyshell logo) -> Repositories

  2. Create a Wordpress One-Click Application from Bunnyshell

  3. Once finished, go to the application page -> Deployment -> Enable Deployment

  4. Select a Git repository

  5. Add Shared files and folders separated by comma - Shared files are files or directories that are kept between deployments. If your application has static files, this option must be set for the directory containing the data relative to the root of your application like 'wp-content'. You can also use this option for vendor modules.

  6. Select Shared Type -This option specifies how the files are shared between deployments. The option 'Link' implies that your application will contain a symlink that will point to the shared directory whereas the option 'Copy' will always copy the data from the previous release. Use Link if your application does not mind Symbolic Links and use Copy otherwise.
    * For PHP applications (including Wordpress) that install dependencies with composer always use 'Copy'.

  7. Select Excluded files separated by comma - Choose not to deploy a file or a folder from your Git repository or archive. Note that you can use wildcards. Standard practice is not to deploy any directory starting with .git*

  8. Click Save Settings

  9. Click Create Deployment Webhook

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