When you back up to Wasabi hot cloud storage, you have an easy method of making sure all your critical information is replicated—and that it’s secure and immediately available to you if and when you need it.

Create Bucket on Wasabi

Step 1

The first step is to login to your Wasabi account and click on Create Bucket as shown in the screenshot.

Step 2: Create New Key

After creating the bucket, navigate to Access Keys, click on the Create New Access Key. After the Key is created, click on Show. The access key is shown in the below figure.

Now you will get secret key and access key. Note it down to safe place which will be used in later stage to connect your space to your Bunnyshell account.

Step 3: Enable Backups on Wasabi

  1. Login to your Bunnyshell account.
  2. Select the Organization for which you want to enable backups on DigitalOcean Spaces.
  3. Navigate to Organization Settings and select the Backup Providers tab.
  4. Click on Add Backup Provider.
  5. Select Wasabi.
  6. Use the informations from Step 2 to establish the connection:
  • Name: enter the name of the Wasabi bucket.
  • Access key id: enter the Access Key generated in Step 2.
  • Secret key access: enter the Secret Key generated in Step 2.
  • Bucket name: enter the Access Key generated in Step 2.
  • Location: enter the region of your Wasabi bucket.

7. Click on Save Backup Provider.

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