Create backup

There are 3 types of backups available on our platform: application backup, database backup and custom path backup.

Application/Database Backup

This can be done following the path:

Click on the machine where you DB is installed -> OPS -> Backups -> and select from there the type of backup that you wish to take. You will first need to toggle it to enable the backup, then just click on Take back-up now.

The applications backups are present in the Applications tab.

Custom Path dir/file Backup

This can be done from:

Virtual Machine -> Click on you Virtual Machine’s name -> OPS -> Backups (from the left bar) -> Custom Paths -> Add New Path.

Set your own path and they will all be backed up.

In Bunnyshell custom path of an application can be found if you click onto that app and check the Overview tab.

* Please note that this will only be restored on the source server. *

Restore Backup

Restore Application Code

In order to do Applications/Code restore please go to:

OPS -> Backup -> You will find here all the available backups you have and which you can restore.

Restore Application Database

In order to do DB restore: OPS-> Backups -> You will find here all the available backups you have and which you can retrieve.

Server (Virtual Machine / Web Server) Backup

A snapshot is a backup but on a cloud level. What this does is to copy the entire disk of the machine and this copy can be used to create a new machine but using the same data as the one you took a snapshot of.

A snapshot can be done only if:

- A server is created through Bunnyshell and can be restored onto a new machine, provided that the cloud and region are the same as the original one.

- For a Virtual Machine, a snapshot is done automatically when deploying applications and packages.

Note: If you wish to clone your server, we recommend taking a snapshot of it and then restoring it onto the desired machine.

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