Virtual Machine

Go to Virtual Machine -> Firewall

Web Server

Go to web server -> security -> firewall

Firewall Rule Description

Add/change rules as you need. Each rule field has as meaning:

Service - select Custom to manually set your port. or choose a predefined one like SSH where port 22 (service port) will be auto-completed

Protocol - Select TCP for TCP connections, or UDP. In most cases, TCP is what you want (for ssh / sft / ftp / http / https / custom ports)

Port Range - set a single port number (i.e: 22) or a range (<number> - <number> i.e: 3000 - 3020). On this port you will allow connections to your machine

Source - any means any IP is allowed to connect to your machine. CIDR means you will manually set the IP CIDR. My Ip will get your IP and auto-complete it.

Source Address Prefix - the ip mask which is allowed to connect (we support only IPV4)

Name - unique name to rule.

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