Information you will need

Step 1: Go to Application -> click on your application that has permission issues.

Step 2: On Application Overview, you will find your application path and application sftp username

Alter permissions via SSH

Step 3: Connect via SSH on the server application (follow this guide if you don't know how to connect to your server via ssh

Step 4: (this command should be run from ssh, inside your server) :

sudo chown -R appUser:appUser appPath     

Please replace appUser and appPath the information from Step 2.

As an example for the app in the screenshot you would run:

sudo chown -R ftpuser61f36:ftpuser61f36 /var/www/wordpress28557/app
# the second command is if you have OpenLiteSpeed
sudo chown -R nobody:nogroup /var/www/wordpress28557/app/lscache

Alter permissions via the OPS menu

If you are not as comfortable with SSH, then there is an alternative for you. You can create an automation that will set those credentials for you.

Step 3: Navigate to: Virtual Machine -> select VM -> OPS -> Automations -> Add new Automation Action

Step 4: Select +Add for New Script

Step 5: Fill in the details (action title and in the script editor add the commands) as shown below:

Make sure that you customize the commands with the information from Step 2!

Step 6: Save changes

Step 7: Untick the action (you do not want to leave it on) and then from the menu option Run action

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