1. Add OpenLIteSpeed package from your virtual machine page -> OPS -> + Add new Package. If the package is already added, go to OPS -> Packages -> press Edit for OpenLiteSpeed.
  2. Input a web admin password or leave the field blank to auto-generate.
  3. Add Package
  4. Go to Firewall settings on your virtual machine page
  5. Press + to add new rule
  6. Enter 7080 under Port Range
  7. Chose My IP under Source or an IP address of your chosing
  8. Enter a name for the new rule (Eg: OLS_admin)
  9. Deploy changes
  10. In a new browser window enter the public IP address of your virtual machine followed by :7080
  11. Enter login credentials: User Name: admin ; Password: <your password from step 2>

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