Important: This guide presumes you have a Bunnyshell account and that you’ve successfully connected your cloud. If you haven't connected your cloud yet, check out this guide.

Installation Steps

  1. Click Create -> Application on the top-right corner.
  2. Select the Tools tab under "Select Application".
  3. Click on Mautic (notice there are a variety of different versions, the default being the latest).
  4. Select one of your existing Virtual Machines (if you don't have any Virtual Machines, create a new one).
  5. Select your Cloud (assuming you've already connected your Cloud, if not, follow the above-mentioned guide).
  6. Select your Location.
  7. Select your Plan.
  8. Choose a name for your Application.
  9. Hit Create.
  10. Wait for your deployment to finish and you're all set!

Video Guide

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