Normal subscription:

Bunnyshell monthly pricing : $2.5/Unit/month

A single unit is 1 CPU or 1 GB RAM. For example, if your server has 2 CPU’s and 4 GB RAM, there are 2 units for CPU and 4 units for RAM, in total $15/month.

Backup : Bunnyshell automatically makes external backups of your servers. The first 20GB of external backup storage are for free. Additional backup storage is charged at $0.033 /GB.

LTD subscription:

79$/ 5 servers
1 servers means 1 server, not one unit.
A single server with 2 cpu and 4 gb ram means one server

Backup : because this is an LTD offer, we cannot provide the 20GB free backup. We will, however, implement a feature very soon that will allow a user to bring their own storage provider and do unlimited backups. Meanwhile, because we understand the importance of backup, Bunnyshell offers the first 20GB for free for offsite backups. This is a temporary arrangement until we implement the feature to bring your own storage provider.

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