Attaching the disk

Before you start, run the following command and store the results as it will come in handy: lsblk

Steps to attach the disk:

1. Go to your virtual machine from the Virtual Machines section on the right side of the page.

Note: the virtual machine must be created from Bunnyshell on a supported cloud (AWS, Azure, Azure Stack, DigitalOcean) and not imported with the Bunnyshell SRR

2. In the OPS tab go to the Disks section (left-side list under the Overview tab)

3. Add a disk name, chose a type, specify the size (GB) and click Add disk

Once the disk was added to your server you will have to format it and mount it locally.

Formatting the disk

SSH the Virtual Machine where you added the disk and identify the disk using the command lsblk. A good indicator is usually the size of the disk but it is better to run this command prior to attaching the disk so that you can be sure that you are formatting the correct disk. When you identified the disk format it:

mkfs.ext4 /dev/xxx

Mounting the disk

Once the disk is formatted you can run the mount command in order to be able to use the disk:

mount /dev/xxx /my/location

If you need to mount it permanently you will need to add a new line to /etc/fstab.

Here is one example of how this like should look like on a new line:

UUID="306b14f9-313f-4e60-ab95-f666910f17a0" /my/location ext4 defaults 0 0

To get the UUID you need to use the blkid command.

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