Our platform offers you the possibility to connect your account with a number of cloud providers, such as DigitalOcean, Azure, Vultr, Linode, UpCloud and AWS.

However, what should you do if your cloud provider is not integrated with Bunnyshell? Or if your VM sits on one of the listed clouds, but it's an existing server? Then this is where this article helps you.

You will need to import all pre-existing servers or servers that do not belong to the above-mentioned clouds, by following the steps below.

  1. On the side menu, click on Integrations, available in the lower part of it.

  2. Click on Connect servers, available at the bottom of the clouds list.

  3. This will open a pop-up that will provide a bash command.

  4. You need to copy it, by clicking on the highlighted button below.

  5. Then you will need to paste it into your server’s terminal. The command will download and install the Bunnyshell agent which will automatically import your server to the Bunnyshell dashboard. After the command finishes, the server should be visible in the Virtual Machines section that is accessible from the left side of the page.

  6. After the import is successful, in order to enable access to your web applications, go to your Virtual Machine's overview -> Security -> Firewall and open up ports 80 and 443 for your desired IP or to all IPs. You can learn more about it, by reading this article.

Note: we currently only support the import of servers/VPS that runs on Ubuntu 18, and 20.

Please let us know what operating systems you would like for us to support here.

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